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Highland Falls Sculpture Walk

This piece symbolizes the strength and ability of our country, even in the most trying of times, to lead the way with ideas that allow all to be able to exercise their inalienable rights through the free-doms we believe in.

"On October 6, 1964, The American Supermarket opened at New York's Bianchini Gallery, tuming the once failing gallery into a premiere destination. The show, conceived by artist and gallerist Ben Birillo, originally was supposed to be entirely Birillo’s artwork. However, he decided to contract oth-er artists to use as his palette and create additional objects for his show. This groundbreaking exhi-bition included works by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Artschwager, Robert Watts, Tom Wesselmann, Claes Oldenburg, Billy Apple, and several other contributors. After a successful Amer-ican debut that gamered media atten-tion from LIFE magazine and The New York Times, The American Su-permarket toured Europe, securing Pop Arts reputation both nationally and abroad.

More than four decades after its prem-iere, Ben Birillo's innovative work still gamers accolades, including a replica featured in Shopping, Tate Liverpool’s 2002 exhibition, and a Tribute to the Amencan Supermarket at the Warhol Museum in 2003. The unique success of The American Supermarket contin-ues to captivate scholars, academics, and arts patrons today."


Ben Birillo
America Rising
Stainless steel and aluminum