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For over 60 years, Colin Greenly explored the energies of nature and personal existence, interpreting them via various conventional and unconventional art materials. In Colin’s memory, a model for a large-scale sculpture will be on display at the ELC Gallery during the inaugural Highland Falls ArtWalk.  

Colin’s drawings, paintings, and sculpture have been widely exhibited in numerous major museums and galleries across the country, among them, The Museum of Modern Art, The Smithsonian America Art Museum, and The Whitney Museum of American Art.

In 1970, Time Magazine wrote the following review of this sculpture: "What Albers has done for the square, Greenly may yet do for the triangle. Two new glass and aluminum sculptures exploit it in multiple combinations. The most intriguing work is a scale model for a proposed monument, one of the most exciting yet designed by a contemporary sculptor. If built, it would consist of six triangular, 21-ft. high columns of sheer glass, arranged so that a spectator could walk among them and experience a shimmering infinity of reflections."

Highland Falls Sculpture Walk

Colin Greenly
Untitled, 1970
Glass and aluminum