Youth Program Curriculum System: Core Value- CO-ER

  • Break down the barriers: Communication
  • Survival in the wild: Overcome
  • Language&Culture: Express
  • Wisdom Gather: Recognize

The ELC's youth program helps young leaders to succeed in the twenty-first century via our prestigious summer and winter programs.  Our Youth Excellence program is taught by many of our esteemed faculty members as well as college professors ​and Fortune 500 Company executives. 

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Curriculum Examples


Negotiation on All Fronts: 

We negotiate every day.  Effective negotiation can build long-term relationships and create lasting benefits that are critical to the success of your organization.  This hands-on course will explore the nature of negotiations, offer real-world examples from the military and corporate settings, and provide strategies for effective negotiation to use in your own organization.
Release the Dragon I: Hill Assault:

In this outdoor field exercise, participants will learn about leadership in a strenuous environment. Divided into competing teams, team members are asked to complete specified tasks, each of which is subject to evaluation.  No team leader is designated; instead, team members must either choose a leader or let group members work cooperatively to accomplish the mission.
Becoming an Adaptable Leader: 

This course is designed for leaders and young professionals to experience the adaptability and versatility utilized by Army Officers.  This course aims to break habits of leaders who believe that only one way to solve a problem exists, thus helping leaders to solve problems by considering and evaluating multiple outcomes. 

Adult Program Curriculum System: Core Value-HOPE

  • Military&Leadership: Honor
  • Business&Leadership: Operation
  • Execution&Leadership: Person
  • Arts&Leadership: E-nnovation

Main courses:Mysterious West Point; National Treasury; Revolution&Strategy; Innovative Leadership; Honor&Duty; Negotiation; Leadership Arts; Military Furnace; Leadership Philosophy; Emotional Intelligence

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