I recently joined a four-day Adult Leadership training program conducted by ELC. The courses and physical training were so impressed. I would say I felt a little challenging doing the cable crossing in the physical training part, but I made it through team work and strategy. The program design is great and I think joining it is the most corrective decision I ever made!

I am a 2nd-year MBA(Executive Program) student from New York Institute of Technology. The department of our school organized us to take a 2-day West Point training session as part of the academic performance. On the first day, I and my classmates took the WP campus tour and in-door courses. The topic was Winning Negotiations on all fronts, which is useful and interesting. The second day was a little tough, the instructor who graduated from WP gave us many physical challenges. We were divided into several team and team work, as well as leadership is the key to win!

I joined 4-day ELC youth program with other students from New Oriental in summer, 2017. I learnt a lot of things about decision-making, team work and leadership. Thank Dr. Jordan, Dr. Hank and Danny and other executive staff, making this summer very valuable and memorable. 

Our company,Hainan Airline had a two-day leadership program with ELC. We are a big group, around 30 senior executives. I feel so inspired and excited in team building training and leadership development course conducted by Eisenhower Leadership Center. In 2 days, we had west point campus tour, professional indoor courses taught by WP professors and physical team training. I got a lot of useful lessons and unforgettable experience together into a short and efficient program.

The leadership training classes and outdoor team work building exercises conducted by ELC were really useful and inspired. I learnt how to be a young leader in a team. I made a lot of peer friends through indoor classes and outdoor activities, like barbecue, Scavenger Hunt. I hope more and more youths can join the program and also, adding the real gun shooting exercise in the future!


How do clients think about our program?

As a MBA student, I am eager to learn how to get necessary trust and collaboration in a professional environment. The ELC 3-day leadership program was awesome and far exceeded my  expectations! The program was customized according to our requirement and goal. The instructors were professional and kept us engaged through interaction with each other. The short-term training made my summer unforgettable!

I feel so happy that I joined the ELC youth program this summer. I was forced to join by my parents at the beginning but when the program ends, I appreciate their decision, otherwise I would definitely regret! The instructors and staff are so nice and helpful. I love the outdoor exercise, Release the Dragon-Hill Assault the most! It is challenging but exciting! I will recommend this program to all my friends!