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Highland Falls Sculpture Walk

The Greg Wyatt
All-Services Guardian Angel

Greg Wyatt received his Bachelor of Arts degree in art history at Columbia College in 1971. Subsequently he studied classical sculpture for three years at the National Academy of Design’s School of Fine Arts under Evangelos Frudakis, N.A. In 1974 he earned his Masters of Arts degree at Columbia University Teachers College in ceramic arts and in 1976 he was an Ed. D. candidate having completed his doctoral coursework in art education.

Greg Wyatt is a native of Grand-View-on-Hudson, New York located south of Nyack, home of Edward Hopper. Mr. Wyatt was nurtured in the artistic tradition of his native Hudson River Valley at an early age by his father, Professor William Stanley Wyatt, painter and fine arts professor at Columbia University and the City College of the City University of New York. Cast bronze is his medium of artistic expression. Dr. Anthony Janson, editor of W. H. Janson’s History of Art, states that his work is based on the philosophy of “spiritual realism.” Greg Wyatt’s style merges realistic images inspired by his readings of the Great Books content with creative masses of form, space and energy. His lyricism evokes poetry while his process is attentive to craftsmanship and the fine details of cast bronze.