Highland Falls Sculpture Walk

Professor and Sr­ Research Scientist at SUNY Poly Technical Institute, College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering lives in Somers.   He has been an active artist since his graduate school days when he studied under Prof. Paul Franklin Miller a protégé of Hans Hoffman. He has been active in the artistic communities in which he has lived and exhibiting in a variety of shows.  The first shows were at Stevens Institute of Technology over 30 years ago and a major show at IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, NY with over 30 sculptures in 2007.  He exhibited with a large show at Chappaqua Library in 2009.

For the past several years he has worked with Collaborative Concepts Farm shows, exhibiting each year and performed on the music stage.  He also exhibited at the “Art of the Pumpkin” at Cortland Manor in 2013 and at Maxwell Fine Arts in 2010 and in the “Nano-Art” exhibit sponsored by SUNY Albany in 2012.  

In 1986, Prof. Lloyd re-enacted the first flight across the United States in a “replica” of a Wright Flyer (Vin Fiz) under the sponsorship of Armour Corporation.  He has lectured extensively about materials science and early aviation history.  He spends some of his time playing the blues with his beloved Martin.

The Jim Lloyd
"Close Race"
Welded steel