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Highland Falls Sculpture Walk

Dialog invites the viewer to learning in the Platonic ideal of dialog with participants sitting under a tree. The figures sit together, actively discussing something. Brody’s figures are all autobiographical and reflect her musings on being a woman. She creates her figures in series and then groups them into conversations and/or dialogs where the spaces between the figures and relationships of one figure to another enhance the statement. Brody explores her world through the female figure in many variations. The figures are distorted, elongated, and exaggerated, often with extraneous elements eliminated—arms or heads may be missing.

Brody holds a combined degree from Reed College and the Portland (OR) Museum Art School where she majored in sculpture. She continued her studies informally at the University of Alaska (welding) and the Lexington (MA) Arts and Crafts Society (pottery). For three years in the 1980s, she lived in Israel and built her own gas fired kiln. Upon returning to the USA and Peekskill, she became active in the emerging Peekskill art scene. In 2000 she participated in an exchange with Network Nishijin and went to Kyoto for a residency. 

Brody shows at Ceres Gallery NYC. Recently she has participated in several exhibitions at the Arts Exchange, the ArtsWestchester Gallery, White Plains NY. Every year since its inception, she is part of the Farm Project in Garrison NY. Other exhibitions include the 'Art of the Pumpkin,' the Affordable Art Fair, and Fountain Art Fairs in NYC, Studio A Gallery Tarrytown NY and the Marc Gruber Gallery New Palz NY. She was in two Peekskill Projects 2006 and 2008 and participates annually Peekskill Open Studios. This year Brody is presenting “Musings” work in clay at the Field Library Peekskill, NY. Brody’s studio is at the Hat Factory in Peekskill.

The JoAnn Brody
Fossilcrete over foam and rebar