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Highland Falls Sculpture Walk

John BonSignore, a New England sculptor, has been exhibited and collected both nationally and internationally.  He received a BS in Industrial Design and a MA in Sculpture and Education, from the University of Bridgeport/Shintaro Akatsu School of Design.  John also studied Ceramics/Sculpture at Arizona State University.  The design of his sculpture begins with a broad concept: a place, person, animal, or emotion.  After paring away the inconsequential details, what remains is the unique core of his subject.  The unprocessed forms of stone and stainless steel are his primary mediums; like the ideas he is interpreting, they are clean and uncomplicated.  The process is the same throughout his work; to capture that singular core that makes any place, feeling, or living thing what it is.  His sculptures become the physical representations of the essence of the subject.

John BonSignore
Toe Dancer #3
Stainless steel