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Highland Falls Sculpture Walk

Peter Schlemowitz is a sculptor, building and furniture designer and painter whose residence and studio has been in Beacon, NY since 2002. His artistic roots are based on his immersion in the San Francisco Beatnik art, film and poet milieu in the 50’s and in the New York art scene from the 50’s, the 10th Street artist coop galleries and the Cedar Bar, through the Soho and Lower East Side second generation New York School and Pop Art galleries era in the 60’s and 70’s. His technical artistic skills were honed by a parallel career first as a carpenter and construction manager involved with renovating and restoring landmark buildings in New York City and then as a software engineer consulting to Fortune 100 corporations in the USA and Europe. His most recent work is a merger of his artistic, construction and software background with the latest advanced CNC and CAD technologies.

Peter Schlemowitz
"Linear Series #3"
Enamel painted plywood, with welded structural brackets