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Sarah Haviland’s undergraduate studies at Yale, as well as independent travels abroad, led her to discover the drama of space in sculpture. Her synthesis of contemporary abstraction with traditional sculptural methods was grounded by a scholarship to the Skowhegan School in Maine, and expanded by an MFA in combined media at Hunter College.

From early outposts in Hoboken, NJ, and Long Island City, Queens, Haviland moved to Peekskill, NY. Personal experience and feminist readings influenced her female subject matter. Haviland remains fascinated with the iconographical history of women in art and myth in world cultures. She has explored non-traditional media such as wire mesh, using the material’s transparency and linear effects to create volumetric drawings. In her current work, Haviland fuses human forms with those found in nature, such as trees and winged creatures.

 Sarah Haviland’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the United States. She has received grants from the New York State Council on the Arts, the New Jersey State Arts Council, Artists Space, Westchester Arts Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Her works are in the collections of Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ; NYU Langone Musculoskeletal Center, NYC; Seven Bridges Foundation, Greenwich, CT; and Pratt Sculpture Park, Brooklyn, NY. In 2015 Haviland is creating a new public sculpture project in Keelung, Taiwan.

Highland Falls Sculpture Walk

TheSarah Haviland
Steel and stone