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Highland Falls Sculpture Walk

Tom Holmes is a sculptor working in stone, metal, wood, light, ice and water. He works seasonally, tracking the weather. Different temperatures demand independent responses to materials and approaches. "Ice follows the freezing mark of winter, stone and steel the exterior work space of summer. Spring begins the search for materials and fall settles all debts, emotional, physical and intellectual."

The essence of great art is that it speaks to the public. It creates a conversation that resonates for years with the community. Great art makes demands of people’s intellect. It causes the public to talk and question their identities and relationships to each other and the greater community the work resides in. Sculpture can have a physical effect, like gravity it pulls us forward into the future. Into the possibility of change and renewal. Great art breaks people emotionally at it's deepest levels; a subconscious metaphor finding it's way into the recesses of who we are as a collective consciousness. Who we want to become. Who we are meant to be.

Tom Holmes
"Equal Justice"
Stone and steel